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About Sam Jacobs

13 Years in the Television Industry (WNWO-TV)

Local Salesman

Regional Sales Manager
• Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit

Local Sales Manager
• Managed 10-12 local sales people with local and regional accounts

National Sales Manager
• New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

General Sales Manager
• Managed the Local, Regional and National accounts for the station
• Budgeting and expenses, hiring and training of sales people
• Managing pricing and inventory


4 Years in the Radio Industry

General Sales Manager
Managed local and national accounts for two radio stations


In business since 1996

Broadcast Communications Inc. specializes in Retail accounts.
BCI uses several media outlets to promote your business.

  • Television
  • Cable
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Phone book ads
  • Web design
  • Musical image

or whatever else is needed. At BCI WE believe the marketing plan is the key to your success.“PLAN THE PLAN” ”WORK THE PLAN”

  • Research and Planning
  • Identifying your key objectives
  • Identifying your key demographics
  • Determining goals
  • Establishing budgets

Developing a marketing plan that will encompass creative strategies directly targeted to your primary market.

We determine your target market then we create a media plan that not only fits your budget, but directly targets your market. We research the media and chose the best Medium to get results

Without a good media buyer and a smart media strategy, you could blow your entire budget faster than you can say, “How much does it cost to be on during American Idol?”

Let’s face it: you are not McDonald’s and You do not have money to burn. If you did, you would be out playing golf right now instead of Working

Like most companies, you need to be smart with your advertising dollars; but the one area where so many companies go wrong is media buying. They either try saving money by placing commercials themselves (which rarely saves money in the end), or they go with a media buyer that promises an obscenely low commission rate (and then doesn’t deliver an effective strategy).

If you are dollar-conscious, then you need to be smart about your media. You need a media buyer that experience on both sides of the fence

Creative is one of those terms that means so many things. In advertising it’s not just an adjective. It’s a process. It’s a person. It’s a script or a concept on paper.

At Broadcast Communications “creative” is much more. It is a huge process that begins with a thorough investigation of a client’s product or service, the competition and the buyer, and how they fit into the overall market.

Then the process becomes complicated. Ideas grow into more ideas which grow into more and more ideas. It can be dizzying. This is followed by the dissection of those ideas, to identify which ones fit best. Concepts are written up and then deconstructed.

Ideas get short treatments and some get scripts. Scripts get reviewed by clients until, eventually, there’s a standout concept that gets made into a commercial or a print ad. Then the creative team works with production and sees the concept through to a finished product.

Sound complicated?

If it was easy everyone would do it.