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BCI is a full service advertising agency.

Production is like “creative” – it’s a vague term that could mean everything or nothing at all. At BCI, production means a lot of things. It is an umbrella term that includes many different services that each contribute their important part to the company.
There’s the shooting side of things: we shoot commercials with full HD capabilities. We edit commercials (radio and television) We design and layout snazzy print pieces and websites. We even produce 3D animation – sometimes completely animated commercials. Anything and everything, and we do it all right here under one roof, which, among other things, helps keep costs down for our clients.

Broadcast Media
Television • Cable • Radio

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Regency Hospital Dr Matt Gaworski Dr Mighion DDS
Everdry Waterproofing Everdry Waterproofing Ad 2  


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Print Media
Print Advertising • Direct mail • Print layout
Everdry Toledo Blade Ad
Dr Mighion DDS Ad
American Cellular Ad

Copywriting • Shooting • Editing • Post Production

Digital Media
Web design • Animation (3D and 2D) • Graphic Design • Internet Marketing